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Is Daycare Covid Safe For My Kids?

Here at Miles of Smiles, we strictly follow all CDC recommendations, like disinfecting all areas, but we also make sure to clean all toys and tools from disinfectant before kids have a chance to use them. We take temperature and look for other symptoms every day before kids get into the facility. We also suggest parents take their kid’s temperature every day before leaving the house.

How Safe And Happy Are The Kids?

We have many security measurements, from electronic keypads, video surveillance, and always attentive staff. Our bus safety goes above and beyond what regulations require. This is because most of the people who work here, we are parents too! We understand how important is to make sure our kids are safe.

Will My Kid Learn Enough To Get Ready For Kindergarten?

Yes. We provide children with lessons and games specially designed to get their minds ready for bigger challenges. We also encourage healthy social behavior and provide kids with the communication tools they will need to thrive at kindergarten.

How Balanced And Healthy Meals Are?

Kids will get a healthy breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. All of our menus are meant to be delicious and follow all USDA regulations.

Can My Kid Have A Special Menu For Health Or Religious Reasons?

Yes. While we do not allow kids to bring their own meals, we provide options for every case. If needed, we can allow special exceptions if they come with a documented health or religious reason.

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